#74 VAGABOND: Lost in the French Wild Agnès Varda 1985

"It's good to be alone." --Simone/Mona Bergeron This film is a good bookend to Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.  Mona Bergeron and Christopher McCandless are kindred, and I was fascinated by the different cultural contexts inspiring very complementary reactions to these free but flawed spirits. The kindnesses and cruelties are of a different shade, of … Continue reading #74 VAGABOND: Lost in the French Wild Agnès Varda 1985


#820 FANTASTIC PLANET René Laloux 1973

"I needed...to prove to myself that I was...a reasoning creature...and not a beast..." (Pierre Boulle Planet of the Apes). Literally a rich landscape, an allegory rife with symbolism.  Not being an artist, I would not want to comment on the technical aspects of the film in that regard, but it must be noted that the art … Continue reading #820 FANTASTIC PLANET René Laloux 1973